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Help! Remove scratch on my new Les Paul Standard 2019

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Hi everyone!!! Unfortunately I was playing guitar with some friends, one ask me the guitar and I didn’t realize that was using a belt with metal.. so yeah really sad, here are the pics of the scratchs. I hope there is something easy to apply and don’t be bad for the guitar or the sound... Do you think guys is easy to solve??? Thank for reading me! 





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I know what you need  to do, but you're not going to like it.  Honestly, I know it's new and all that, but now, you don't have to worry so much about being gentle with it.  ALL guitars that get played are inevitably going to get scratched, dinged... you name it.  At least the first one was on the back where no one will see.  It could always be worse. 

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Only real solution I see is to flash some lacquer clear coats over the scratch.

3-6 coats, spraying two hours apart. maximum 2 coats per day.

minimum 3 weeks to cure

wet sand up to 1500 grit to make level, and  then buff out with polishing compounds.


It's a lot of work just to fix a .5" scratch but that's what a luthier would do, and charge you $300 for it since it's finishing work.

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20 hours ago, Mr. Gibson said:

People pay big money for scratched up guitars,it's worth more now.

It's belt worn.  Yeah if it came out of the factory like that it would cost at least $500 more.

But seriously. It happens. I guess you could have some spray some nitro over to get it back, but it is on the back and chances are you are going to put another ding in it anyway.  Haven't dinged my D-41 yet but on that day I will cry like a girl.

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