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Gibson Les Paul Slash SL 688 (the Fishman one)


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Hello all! 

I have Gibson Les Paul Slash model that I bought in 2008, 2nd hand. - SL 688. 

Unfortunately it didn't come with the COA the pervious owner had misplaced it.. (Or wanted to keep slash's signature) anyway its a brilliant guitar and I adore it. It is my No.2 guitar playing live.

Does anyone know seeing as this was only 1 of 1200 made that Gibson could potentially track this and I could receive another cert of authenticity? 

It was bought from a reputable guitar dealer in the UK (G.A.K in Brighton) 
 I actually found the web page with the guitar on it but just no details from back then but it is the same guitar, same wood grain and stuff in the pre owned section on their site.

any help with this would be super appreciated. 


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That question comes up every now and then, and the answer - No they wont.  Gibson will not re-issue another one.  But you are welcome to call Gibson and try. I think all that wanted them have done that and that is how on the forum we know.

You a Thin Lizzy fan? Love me some Lizzy.

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