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Okay guys, it's been absolutely beautiful outside today so I decided to take a little nap outside.


I admit that I fell asleep (Damn you dem00n! I finally got to bed @ 6 o-clock this morning +:-@ ). I presume that some time passed.


Suddenly I'm awoken by this weird scratching, rattling sound. =P~ I look up to see that my cat had climbed out my window, walked across our roof and jumped up on the metal skeleton of our little patio pavilion (the cloth roof and curtains are still off from the winter season).


Here he is, this 15 pound cat teetering on a 3 inch-thick metal pole. All of a sudden he jumps and of course lands on top of me. (Take in mind that I'm still half asleep so this is a fairly startling development.) My first reaction is to throw the attacker off of me and i do just that. The cat flies into our yard and begins rolling around (looks like he's pulling the ol' "stop, drop, and roll" method). I think he suffered brain damage [-X ( not that he hadn't already been. He was kinda stupid to do it in the first place).


Just thought I'd share this. It was the most interesting point in my weekend.


So, just to review: 1)keep all unmonitored windows closed with a cat at-large 2)watch the skys for falling cats 3)don't sleep outside unprotected.





Disclaimer: Don't worry the cat, me, the roof, window, pavilion, yard and patio were unharmed.

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Brace for several guitarists' political opinions on animal treatment' date=' freedom to view the sky, etc.[/quote']


you hardly post anymore but you have to be one of the most interesting posters we have. I love your little sarcastic remarks...


Yes, I'm ready for whatever falls out of the sky er I mean poster's minds...

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^^^Wow KSG' date=' that sig is something else. I remember when I came back from hiatus a while ago you got all riled up about this in my sig:



I might be wrong, but I don't think that I commented about your sig? I saw it in one of your posts and thought it was funny, what did I say about it?

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