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Gibson les paul jr. vs Les Paul jr. VOS


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I am orienting myself on a les paul jr. The differences in price and models are only running out. There is a Gibson LP jr. For 1390 euros, a Gibson LP jr. VOS for 2950 and a Gibson LP jr. CS for 3990 euros where i live ( the Netherlands ) Now I understand that there are differences in hardware, wiring, manual labour, etc. my question is how the wood is. Can an LP jr of 1390 euros with an aftermarket upgrade in hardware, wiring, nut etc. become as good as a Custom Shop or a VOS LP jr.? Is there a lot of difference between the price ranges in terms of wood quality? I liked the sound and feel of the cheap Gibson LP jr. a lot.

thanks for the help,

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You may get lighter wood the more you spend but whether the cheapest or most expensive turns out the more resonant is a lottery. The pickups will be better in the more expensive versions but otherwise you're paying for period correct features, relicing and a bit more care & attention. The more you spend the more you will find diminishing returns. 

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