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Thanks for the comments!  She's a beauty for sure.  These caught my eye when the came out but I was interested in other things at the time.  Recently, I've been eyeing the new 339's and then I found this one.  I thought I'd like this one better because it has the MHS I pups, plus I like the walnut color too.   It plays great.  feels great.  It's got more of a '59 kinda neck based on measurements but it really feels just as comfortable as my '60s necks.  If I didn't measure it I wouldn't be able to tell.  The only think I don't like is the taper on the volume pots.  I'll probably change them.

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I really love the color combo.  The dark walnut color with the wood grain against the black plastic and nickle hardware just looks great to me.  But, I'm also really liking the feel of it, especially the neck.   The MHS I's are good too.

The other great thing is that is in near mint condition.   No finish issues or fret wear at all.  Looks like it sat in the case.  And, of course, it came with the case and COA.  

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