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Hello from Tx USA


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Hello from DFW Tx USA

I've been a guitar player since the late 60's and my 40 yr old Taylor 810, (which I purchased new way back when) has been a faithful companion.   Last month I did some 'horse trading' and ended up with my first Gibson acoustic...a 27 yr old Bozeman built J-200 VS.  It's got a bit of lacquer checking and a couple of small dings, has been a workhorse studio guitar during the course of it's life, and sounds fantastic & plays as true as the day it was made.  And during the next course of it's journey it will be a workhorse acoustic in my studio.  

Throughout the years I've played various Gibson acoustics owned by other players and have always appreciated the great sound a Gibson acoustic, especially a maple box, delivers.   This old J-200 never had any type of pickup installed in it so I installed a K&K Pure Mini,  just in case I end up taking it out for a gig now and then.  And the K&K sounds great.  I'll run it thru a Baggs Session DI. 

So, hello to all.  I haven't spent any time on this forum but I hope to gain some good info and insights and share any that I may have that deem worthy of sharing. 

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