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NGD (used) J-15

NJ Tom

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Haven't had a Gibson in a while, so there's been nothing to contribute...until now I guess.

I own a killer Martin D-18 custom, figured I'd need rosewood too, and got a great deal on a NOS 2015 Martin D-16RGT last year.  Nice guitar but rosewood wasn't floating my boat.  Put it up for sale, decided one guitar was fine for my purposes (blasphemy, I know).  Got no bites though...disappointing since it just wan't getting played.

Heard about a used J-15 at a big box store, figured I'd check it out.  Heck, if I liked it at least it'd get played.  A little research told me what i figured to be true...that the Martin and Gibson were pretty much neck and neck in comparable used values.  Well, I liked it.  A lot.  Great neck, really like the tone of walnut., and no problem with the shorter scale.

I offered the dealer a straight swap, even Steven....I didn't want to lay out any extra $$$.  At first the salesman declined my offer.  But the manager got involved and when he saw the condition of my Martin he said "do it".  Both guitars were fairly even in condition, the J-15 has a tiny ding on the lower bout, but other than that it's as perfect as the Martin....not so much as a scratch on the pick guard.

Had it a few days now, and it's really grown on me.  A very nice companion to my D-18.  I understand now why I've never seen a negative review of the J-15. 


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