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NGD, an LTD electric with a twist


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My first of its kind, and man oh man, is it interesting.

I found a well-used ESP LTD Viper 200B in a local pawn shop this afternoon. 
I was just sort of goofing around, and so I didn't notice at first the unusually long (27 inch) scale length. 
I plugged it into a small Fender Mustang amp, tuned it up, and started running thru a variety of tunes. 
The strings were insanely heavy, but the feel and playability was fantastic. 

I was blown away by how rich and resonant everything sounded. 
At some point I realized that my fretting wrist was extended far beyond normal angles .

Dummy me, it's a baritone guitar!

I paid $160 out the door, and took it home. 
The black beauty polished up like a new penny, and I have spent the past few hours riffing and stroking on this really impressive guitar. 

Has anybody else discovered the joys of a baritone guitar, this late in life?
What a revelation!

Here she is, next to my old LTD B-50 bass. 
I guess this is now the LTD corner of my music room. 

More photos tomorrow. 


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I’ve never played a baritone anything. I’ve been driving around looking for pawn shop gems. Mostly struck out everyplace I go. Lots of Squier’s haven’t stumbled upon a 1980’s MIJ, lots of wore out amps, and lots of cheap Alvarez acoustic guitars.  I know it’s just a matter of time before I find that ‘58 Burst with a 100.00 price tag on it.😂

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1 hour ago, Navy Vet. said:

... looking for pawn shop gems. Mostly struck out everyplace I go ...

Me too -- all of the nice guitars I have ever seen in a pawn shop are always either fairly or over priced.  I have seen some nicely priced higher-end Squiers, but that is about it ...

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I don’t own a baritone guitar, but I have a 7 string Ltd guitar.  For a long time, I tuned it to B Standard (BEADgbe), but have recently been tuning it to BEADf#be (Standard Baritone tuning with an extra high E, instead of Standard 6 string tuning with an extra low B).  I also primarily play a 6 string Ibanez bass, so I’ve firmly wrapped my mind around the low B string.

Ltd makes some good guitars for the money.  Besides the 7 string, I have a string MH-100QMNT that I won as a prize and an Ltd B-4E bass.  And my grandson has a  Ltd Viper 50 I bought him for Christmas 2012.  All nice guitars for the money.

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12 hours ago, sparquelito said:

This is an interesting town for Pawn Shop guitars. 
Huntsville is halfway between Birmingham and Nashville, and for some reason I keep stumbling upon wonderful, dusty, grimy diamonds in the rough. 

I'm not complaining, that's for sure. 

Huntsville is a much bigger ‘music town’ than  Birmingham.  And if you  head a few miles to your west you know why. Birmingham in the in the 1970’s had a decent amount of live music clubs. Not anymore. 

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