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I use to drive rustbucket cars but now I want to play one!


This is just fabulous PLUS there is a 'Galvo' for sale at the pawnshop where I got my Dove!!!

I think I want a Galvo AND a Rustbucket!!!




















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I will take one for the team and get on over to the pawnshop to try a Donmo 'Galvo' they have for sale. even if it is totally unplayable, it could be an art installation....wall? Front doorstep? Back fence? Or..ooh, ooh, ooh as an ornament on the highest gable of the roof!!!!!! Yesssss!! A full statement of intent!😏

I like the one in the website with the old faded red tin roof piece for the cone cover. I tried to copy it to here but I got ALL the guitars he had. I found this other closeup pic online and saved it - really cool! Recycling to the max, eh?




You can play a reso guitar in standard tuning if you get it set up. A lot of players that imitate 20s/30s stuff use old junky National Collegians for the 'clank'...short staccato chops like a uke. But a reso does  come alive with slide.


How about some 'Galvo" tricone (3 cones) with this cool dude:











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