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Advice Needed: Buying a new Guitar

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10 hours ago, Bozz said:

Congrats, Huley.  I think you made a great choice in going with the J-45 Vintage.  I think you'll find it a great fit for what you are doing.  Be sure to post some pics when it arrives.

Thank you! I’m feeling really good about the decision. It should be here today, so I’m looking forward to a very productive and potentially sleepless night. Ha!

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3 hours ago, Murph said:

And again we came through...

You absolutely did! I really appreciate all the wonderful advice. I was driving myself mad. 😄

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17 hours ago, j45nick said:

JT with his J50 in 1971. Pickguard has been removed. I first saw him live in the spring of 1969, right after his first album came out. Sat about 10' away from him on the ground outdoors. He sat on a folding chair, with the J-50. Pretty sure it still had a pickguard at that  point, as I was looking at his guitar thinking it was just like mine, only with a natural top. I'm not sure I knew the J-50 even existed at that time in my life. I had just turned 22, and he had just turned 21.

That was a lifetime ago, but I still remember the guitar. And I still have that J-45.

Sweet Baby James


I have never seen that particular video, thanks! He seemed nervous.

I was going to recommend a j45. Congrats!

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