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Halftime show has been interrupted

Navy Vet.

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22 minutes ago, Marky Forrest said:

I have to admit that I like J. Lo but this wasn't her best performance. She is a talented actress, singer and dancer and she looks really good too. I read somewhere else that Shakira was lip sinking.

I loved when they cut to JLo and JZ stuffing fries in their pie holes in their luxury box. What a s _ _ t show that was, the commercials were awful and the game was boring,

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I think Shakira & Jlo are attractive. especially Shakira. but I really dislike performances where the music takes a back seat to the production / choreography.  at that point, the music doesn't really matter. they could have just played Joe Cocker's "Leave your Hat on".  I would have liked that better. but yea, they looked good. 

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They may or may not be talented. The few seconds I saw of it when I looked up from playing my own guitar was some really bad lip synching. I think that's pretty standard for the "superb owl" but it doesn't sit well with me. I don't care to see choreographed dancing when it's supposed to be live music. Yet another disappointing half time but it's been pretty disappointing for a very long time. But, this is what a lot of people want to see and hear these days.

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