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It looks like Epiphone forgot about thier lefty customers


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We all know that this new Epi lineup is just coming out of the oven with this headstock and the Gibson license and recognition, but, really: 

What about we the left-handed guitar/bass guitar players ?

Where do the left-handed models had gone ?

I know I'm not the only one asking about this matter but, I'd like to know what the lefties (like me) think about it at this moment?. I must confess that I'd seen videos of Summer NAMM 2020 Epiphone's booth and I think the Les Paul models Epi have develope for this year look really amazing, so I'd really love to get one and play it.



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I currently own 2 SG's, a Tony Iommi, and a G-400 Pro. Out of 7 guitars I own, the Epiphone is just about always the 1st go to guitar. Recently after checking out both web sites, Gibson and Epiphone, I have found zero left handed models. Maybe it's me, maybe I missed it. The corporate response I got via email was pretty much, we don't have any. No further explanation, or future plans for releasing any. Currently looking at Dean and Schecter. I understand thoroughly that left handed guitarists are a small portion of the market, oh well...

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I appreciate you posting those links. I have found plenty of left handed guitars here in the US, but it makes no sense for me to buy a guitar from an American guitar company that ships from the UK. Especially if it was a Harley Benton, the shipping would be triple the value of the guitar. I was specifically interested in Epiphone and Gibson. Just a year or 2 ago Epiphone and Gibson served the left handed guitar community well. As I previously stated, I emailed them, and didn't get much of a response. It's aggravating to say the least.

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