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Gibson J-50. 1949?

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I have a guitar claimed to be a 1949 J-50. It has the modern Gibson logo on the headstock.
The serial number is on the heel of the neck, inside the body.

It's 5526 (then a long space) 5

Looking this up there seems to be confusion about what that might indicate. Anyone know if this is likely 1949 or if not, what date?

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That would seem to be a FON (factory order number).  Generally, a four-digit number followed by one digit, suggests a date range from 1942 to 1952, and since yours has the modern Gibson headstock logo, that would narrow it down to 1948 to 1952.  The listings I refer to (http://www.guitarhq.com/gibson.html#serial) point to 1950 as the year that corresponds with your number.  Photos of your guitar might help to confirm this.

Year    Factory Order Number 
----    --------------------
1941    G (letter code sometimes seen after FON, i.e. 2586G).
1942    907, 910, 923, 2004, 2005, 7000ish (i.e. 7119) - all 'Banner' logo.
1942    H (letter code sometimes seen after FON, i.e. 7116H). Range 5xxxH to 8xxxH
1943    Range generally 9xx to 22xx, depending on the model.
1944    Range generally 22xx to 29XX, depending on the model, some with no FON.
1945    1xx to 10xx, but many with no FON.
1946    n/a ('Banner' logo no longer used, now script logo with no banner).
1947    700s to 1000s
1948    1100s to 3700s ('Script' logo no longer used, block logo used.)
1949    2000s
1950    3000s to 5000s
1951    6000s to 9000s
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Like everyone says, almost certainly 1950. Post a picture if you can. Visual details sometimes help if there is any ambiguity.

I have two J-45's from earlier in the same year.

1949, 1950, and 1951 J-45/50 models are generally identical in details in those three years, and basically have the same value if they are in similar condition.

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