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Another Vintage Goodwill Gibson


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Looks like a 1970SG, with a severe neck break.  I was thinking maybe $1500.  It went for over $3000!  The two interesting things about it are the pickups, and the custom on the headstock.  Was it perhaps a 'custom' order?  Is that why it went so high?





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Those pickups are Bill Lawrence L90XL blade humbuckers - there is one on ebay at the moment, $199. 

You probably know;  Lawrence designed and made the pickups for the Gibson L6S series in the 70s.

The headstock break is bad but a typical Gibson smash and completely repairable by someone who really knows how to do it....might even be quite hard to spot after refinish.

It is an early 1970s 3-pickup SG Custom and there's life in it yet. 

The price is very high so whoever bought it must want it a LOT - but it should be a very good guitar indeed, when restored.

I found this on youtube -


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Incidentally - in case anyone is interested - look at the scratchplate in the 1st pic.  Pickups mounted directly into it.

Known as a large guard or batwing and (they say) originally dates from and to 1966-1971, so this guitar might be 70-71??   Buyer evidently knows SGs. 

The TRC doesn't have SG engraved on it either like the one in the vid I posted above, that might narrow the year down a bit.

 And gold fittings; the tuning heads were once gold-plated too. 

I Googled for images, look at the 1st 3 rows -


They don't make 'em like that any more!

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