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Does anybody can tell about this special EB-0?


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That is a curious example. It looks to me to be right after they had a slotted headstock. It has Schaller tuners & still has the “Crown Inlay” on the headstock. It also has a pickup ring. The pick guard is thicker, more like you would see on an EB-3 but with extra material between the neck & the pickup. About that time, they moved the pickup from right next to the neck to about where yours is to lessen the muddy sound. I’m wondering if somebody had their pickup moved to the location that the newer version was, and had a special pick guard made to cover the hole next to the neck. Or, it’s not impossible that it was a prototype to try out the new pickup location, modifying an existing EB-0 at the factory........ You might be able to peek under the section of the pick guard between the neck & the pickup to see if it is covering up the original pickup cavity.

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It sure looks to be all original to me. The original color under the pick guard is just as it should be after all of these years. One of your pot codes looks readable, but I can't quite make it out. 137=CTS. Next 2 numbers = year. Last  2 numbers = week of year. (Example 1377032 = 32nd week of 1970). The date the pot was made is usually just before the guitar was made. Also if it doesn’t have a “MADE IN USA” stamped under the serial number, that will help date it.

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Hi, it's 1376934. 

That makes sense....the Bass was built between 69 und 70. The neck is from 69, because there is no "Made in USA". The position of the  pickup is just normal, but the neck is  a bit longer that's where the gab comes from. But it's still a normal shortscale, that's why the bridge is located more in the middle. 


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Just for comparison, I pulled out my '69 EB-3. Your pickup really doesn't look that much different than mine. The main difference is how the neck is mounted. Your body has an extension to mount the neck further out & the bridge is mounted further up proportionately. The extra feature on the pick guard fills in the gap. Here are a few photos of my EB-3.



Your neck heel looks somewhat more like my 1970 SG Special.



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