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3 hours ago, MarshallB said:

I just bought a Gibson 2018 AG Parlor and was wondering what string choice to go with. I realize this is personal preference but hoped other members have experimented with different set ups. By the way, I absolutely love this guitar.


People will tell you this wood is better with 80/20 or PB or Monels. Just try them all. I switch back an forth all the time and use 80/20 or PB. Never cared for Monel, but people do like them.  Right now I've got 80/20 Martins on my guitars.

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Welcome and congrats on the new guitar.   Strings I like and use most regularly on my guitars are Martin  PB,'s, D'Addario EJ16's and Gibson Masterbuilt lights (until my stash runs out, as they are no longer being made).  I have a small body non-Gibson that I use John Pearse 600L's on.   But, as Sgt. Pepper said above, "try them all", until something resonates with you.   There are a zillion choices out there and it is definitely a personal thing.

Post some pic's of that new guitar.



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