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Amazing Firebird pickups


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I just swapped out the not so good pickups out in my otherwise amazing Firebird V.

I nearly went for the Sky Kent Armstrong pickups - yes I know they’re not quite the same as real Firebird pickups but on the strength of the  video below they put gibson pickups to shame. I think gibson took the design for the first generation of the 70s tribute Firebird pickups but used alnico 2.

anyway as I’m in the UK I gave Dan Armstrong a call to wind me a proper set but go slightly hotter on the bridge SD o there’s no chance of the bridge sounding brittle. They’re alnico 5 with the bridge 7.15k and the neck 6.2k. the result is perfect I now have a Firebird that sounds the real deal. Even so I bet the Sky versions are still a pretty decent alternative on a budget.  




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