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which model do I have?


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I have a 70s era bolt on Epiphone  acoustic,  But mine is the Mini Jumbo body style. Looks like the JT 145s, but those are dreadnought. Can anyone help?

epiphone no face.jpg

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If I was a betting man I'd say you have a 6732E which is what they were called when they first came along in 1971.  6732E was the model number that Aria used on their version of the guitar and the initial Epiphone model was actually an Aria guitar with some superficial changes such as to the headstock. Both guitars were made by Matsumoku and in 1972 the Epiphone nomenclature was changed to FT-130. The guitar is a Grand Auditorium (000)-sized) all laminated mahogany body/spruce top/rosewood fret board guitar as i said, made by Matsumoku in Japan from 1971- ~1980. It had a bolt-on mahogany(?) neck and was the entry model of Epiphone's first Japanese imports. As i also said, it started out about 1969 as an Aria model but the design was also used by Epiphone with some changes. If I recall they listed for $99.99 and streeted for ~$79.99 in 1971. That's about all I can think of at present. If you have any other questions feel free to ask. Accurately dating them is near to impossible but that appears to have the blue "Kalamazoo label" so it was made between 1971 and 1976. After 1976 Epiphone's business offices moved to Lincolnwood, Illinois and they changed the label to a more square white label that said "Another quality product from Norlin-Lincolnwood, Illinois.

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This was my first guitar, I got it new as a present when I was a kid and have been playing it (poorly) ever since.  It is indeed my oldest friend.

A serial number search says it was made in 1969, which sounds about right to me.  With a set neck and adjustable bridge, it looks like a Gibson Jubilee.    Did Epiphone make a version of that guitar?



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