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Decoding my L6S 6 digit date code


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Hello all,

I have a L6S  I purchased used when I was 20 years old, I'll be turning 60 this year (sheeesh time flys).

It has a 6 digit date code of 202921  it does have a 2 above it  which I believe means it's a re-work?

We've been through Hell and High water together and still one of my favorite guitars I own. I would like any help or insight of the approximate age of the guitar.



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The 2 means it was a factory second. It would have had some dumb little cosmetic flaw that amounted to nothing as far as functionality. There were some that got screwed up pretty badly; those were stamped BGN and were generally sold to employees. 

Based on your number, I’d guess it to be 1973-75, as it was introduced in 1973 I think. And around 75 they started doing some ‘more predictable’ serializing. Not concrete, just more predictable. 

I would remove the back cover and look for a number on the volume and tone pots. It will likely begin with either 137 or 304. The next two digits are the year. The final two digits are the week of that year. That will tell you when that component was made. It’s a safe bet the guitar was built sometime after that. Could be a week, could be a year. In the case of Fender pedal steels, it could be a decade. But that’s anecdotal. Seriously, I would fully expect you to find 73 or 74 in there. 

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