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Unknown Amp model, and accessories


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I’ve inherited an amp, mic, and an old Kay mandolin with pickup:

  1. I understand that the “220951” code on the speaker rim means Jensen, year 9 (likely 1959?), week 51.  As for the other code on it, “ST 744 F12S C5069”, ST 744 may be a model number, and F12S means Field coil, 12”, Standard series?
  2. No Gibson model # visible anywhere on the case or the Amp itself.
  3. There’s a plate on the mic - THE ASTATIC CORP, Conneaut Ohio, model DN-HZ, number B341855.
  4. The pickup says De Armond, Rowe Industries, Toledo.  A friend told me there’s a distinction between magnetic vs. acoustic pickup, but I don’t know which this is.

Mostly, I’d like to get a model number & specs for the Amp, in order to try to research what it might be worth.





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Ref; Astatic mic -


There are also some Astatic mics on ebay, should give you an idea of price.

The DeArmond is interesting too as it seems to be specifically for mandolin.  Someone will definitely want that!

As for the amp, the speaker looks far too new to be the original.  It is something like these ones on ebay, though the number of tubes is different.





And this amp, sold on Reverb, has the right number of tubes and a very good description - think this is the same as yours?  Note what they say about the speaker - 10" or 12" - which could help you with dating it.


Good luck!

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The amp looks like an EH-125, an alternate version , with three inputs and 5 tubes, like the schematic here.  Not sure about the date, prob early? 40's.  Note on schematic says 1943?  EH-125's seem to be selling for up to $1000 or more.  Does it have the back cover?  The speaker model would be F12S, with the S being the designator for the magnet size.


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