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Greetings and thoughts about my Gibson Johnny A Custom guitar


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Just joined. I play in a band called No Country for Old Men that really says it all about me. We play covers and our versions of songs we like, and do private parties and charity events.  Been playing for about 15 years and have a pretty diverse and extensive guitar collection amongst which are two Gibsons:  an early/mid 80's Les Paul Studio, that I love but has become too heavy for me to use for longer sets and my beautiful mid 2000's Johnny A.

Came across a video of Johnny  demoing this on Sweetwater's site and watched with increasing excitement since I though my big question about this guitar was about to be answered from the lips of the master.  I have the exact same guitar he was playing, same color and all, bought it ten years or so back and love every aspect of it except one: when I got it I hated the way the Bigsby, to me, lacked sensitivity. Now, to be fair, I had been playing a Gretsch Tennessee Rose, a much larger instrument before but it bugged me to the point that I had my luthier replace it with another Bigsby model that gives more distance between it and the bridge and the greater sensitivity I was looking for.  As you can see in the picture, wound up with two small holes in the top that he filled with two tiny brass screws and you basically you would never know. Not sure the model number of the replacement that he used but could get it if anyone is interested.

As he say in the video it is an amazingly versatile guitar but I thought it interesting that the one aspect of the instrument Johnny did not mention was the choice of Bigsby.


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