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Epiphone EJ-200/BK , how to be sure about Nanomag is out of order?


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Hi everyone,


I have to fix this guitar but before ordering the right spare part, I'd like to ask you how to choose the best action to be sure of it.

First of all, the Nanoflex is ok, nice sound from it.

The only thing I can be sure is that the tension at the preamp gives 4.5 V ( into Nanomag input of course , I use a 1/10 " connector to take the measure, belonging to a power supply unit). This tension is on when the jack cable is plugged into the Nanomag ouput. It desappear when I plug off the jack cable and it's normal, could you say...

The result  (for me! ) of my checking is that the line is good between the output jack and the pre-amp

The Nanomag pick up is an active device, so I can't replace it by a passive electric guitar pickup to check sound in amp, with little blows on it with a screwdriver for example.

I tried to repair the connection of the Nanomag, but OMG ! It's so tiny to solder ! 😮

A friend of mine said me to solder two capacitors up to 10 nano at each polarity at one side, and in the other side a electric passive guitar pickup and check with the scewdriver but nothing in the amp! :-/  (the capacitors avoid to put the 4.5 V directly in the pickup ) 

Have you got some ideas to be sure that the Nanomag pickup is really the part to replace, instead of the pre-amp or something else?

Thx a lot





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hello, some news...

I've used my power supply connector (1/10") again , prepared cleanly the connections of the Nanomag , soldered together with respect of polarity and then pluggged in the "nanomag" imput of the preamp.

No more sound at the amp when blowing lighly with a screwdriver but I can read 3 volts , so with the system in charge.

Otherwise I still read 4.5 volts , removing the pickup, that I read before.

Confirmation the pickup is out of order?

Thx a lot


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