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I'm a little late to the game, but I really dig the guitar you landed on and your original tune. Like zombywoof alluded to, it was quite interesting and enlightening to see and head one played so far up the neck and sound so nice. Anyhow, a big, almost 2-month congratulations are in order. One particular round of kudos for parlaying all of that search effort and patience to the big reward at the end of your search. Some people have a knack for finding things like this. Most of us have to work for it. I'm impressed. 

On 2/15/2020 at 7:43 AM, zombywoof said:

Congrats on the new Gibson.  

J45nick called it.  The characteristic family voice of a Gibson is saturated mids.    What has caused me to stick with Gibsons through the decades though is they have a quicker decay than many others.  They bloom right out of the starting gate but then quickly get out of their own way.   While I cannot explain why, that voice just works really well with how I  approach a guitar.

But a guitar does not "open up" from time alone.  It is playing the heck out of it which loosens up the grain.  Even then it quickly goes back to its same old used to be causing you to have to wake it up each time you grab it from its case. 

Nice clip.  I do not think I have ever played that high up the neck for that long..   It does seem to work real well for you though.

I feel compelled to post a note of agreement with everything you wrote on this. 

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8 hours ago, Guth said:


Given that yours were NOS guitars, I'm guessing that you were able to learn of the number of guitars produced in each run from the selling dealer.

I actually got all my info from Gibson. I contacted them asking if the warranty was still valid even though the seller is no longer a 5 star dealer. They said that the warranty is valid and gave me all the specs and number of pieces of the limited run.

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