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Catchiest guitar riff ever?


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Anything with the I' date=' IV, and V chords. Example: "Louie Louie" or "Wild Thing." Anything with that chord structure or something similar is guaranteed to get stuck in people's heads on some level. The melody is what seals the deal though, whether it be on guitar or vocals.[/quote']


Good call!

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Hair of the dog (Nazareth)' date=' Walk this way(Aerosmith), Walk and Cowboys from He11 (Pantera). Seeing some of the replies on this thread makes ya wonder if some even know what a riff is. A riff is a series of notes put together, played in a pattern. A riff is not a chord or series of chords; or at least this is how it was explained to me years ago. If I am wrong; please correct me.[/quote']


I would think you are right... A series of chords may be a chord progression? Still if back in back was played with just the notes instead of chords, it would still be damn catchy.


Btw anyone heard "the vaselines", they are a very catchy band.... Also my sharona by the knack lol! If it wasn't guitar riffs you could say funkytown lmaaao....

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