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ES-175 Weight?


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175 Afficionados -  I just bought a 2017 ES-175 online. It hasn't even arrived yet but I'm having post-purchase anxiety about its weight - 7lbs 8.5oz. Of course its sound is unknown and of primary concern but since I can't spend the day fixating on  -----TONE -----  I'm instead fixating on weight.  If I'm not mistaken, 7lbs 8.5oz is an above average weight for a modern 175? Should I care? 

My previous experience with a 175 was with the '59 VOS  reissue which I believe weighs in around 6lbs 10oz on average.  That's a big 1lb difference.  Anyhow I sold the VOS and purchased this new unit because I couldn't bond with narrow-low frets on the VOS, just not for me.  But has the incoming Large Marge spent too much time in the buffet line?


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