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A video of me and a song and a guy and his dog....


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I've got a new video up, but I didn't shoot it. It was shot and edited by Petros Sofocli, a recording engineer and the brains and talent behind “Moving Sessions,” a video series featuring musicians from Cyprus, Europe and elsewhere. I’d gotten in touch with him a couple of months ago and we filmed a video last month. There were technical issues, though, so Petros asked if I’d be ok with recording it again.

We headed to Old Town in Lefkosia to scout new locations. For those unfamiliar with Old Town, it dates to Medieval times; the streets are narrow and winding and it is filled with cool little shops and colorful people. There are a jillion great backdrops for filming.

We turned down a street named Archiepiskopou Filotheou and spotted an abandoned house with the door chained. Petros had wanted to film my song, “There Are No Secrets in This Town,” and it seemed like an appropriate backdrop. (The “Bad Choices Tattoo Club” was just a couple of doors down….) Petros set up his gear, I played through the song a couple of times, and that was a wrap.

The song is the title cut off my most recent album, but this is a new version of it. I wanted to breathe some new life into it. I'm playing my Farida OT-22. Ironically, the "OT" stands for "Old Town," but I think they were referring to somewhere other than Lefkosia.

I’m impressed with the video Petros put together. I feel it captures me, the song and the eclectic nature of Old Town. If you have a couple of minutes, please check it out.



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Wonderful, David. I like the minimalist approach. He really managed to record you very well. It must be hard doing that outside. 

I wouldn't mind spending some time with warm weather, sunshine, and a guitar right now.


Edit: had a second listen, you really make that Farida sound good, even upside down... 😃

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17 hours ago, dhanners623 said:

Thanks, all. I'm actually going to see if Petros would film a couple of other videos if I pay him. His turn-around time on this was a couple of days. He works fast.

I haven't heard from any dog lovers about my comment at the very end of the video....

Dogs are delicious!

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