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Goin' to the school of blues!

James Allen

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Ohhh' date=' dat's nice! Not familiar with him. My loss apparently.[/quote']


I was sitting in the ICU waiting room a few weeks ago and struck up a conversation with an older gentleman. The conversation was just polite until I told him I loved the blues. Then it took off! This gentleman had spent a lifetime playing the blues. I suggested Rory Gallagher, he suggested this guy. I agree with you, Surfpup. It's been my loss. I thought I'd share.

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Thanks very much. I hadn't heard of him either.


This forum is a truly excellent place to pick up on players we might not be familiar with.


There should be a link to this over on the Speed Vs Feeling thread!


And with reference to a different thread; Would his 'peers' respect Ronnie Earl any more or any less if his Strat turns out to be a re-issue rather than a 'vintage' instrument - or would his 'peers' not give a toss either way?


I opine that respect comes only to those whose playing is deemed worthy, regardless of their hardware.

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