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2007 Gibson SG with 60's wiring?


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Hi, I recently purchased a used Heritage Cherry Gibson SG Standard. Serial number indicates it was made in 2007.

I am currently servicing and setting up the guitar.

It has 60's wiring, Gibson deluxe tuners with tulip (keystone) plastic keys, black top hat controls with silver labels in them and trapezoid neck markers.

I am wondering are the pickups classic 57's or 490 T and R pickups. There is only the Gibson logo on the back of them from what I can see. Is there a way to find out what pickups are in this? I suppose I can measure the DC resistance I guess.

Also, I noticed that one of the tailpiece studs is higher than the other one and cannot be lowered any further. It is the stud on the unwound strings side (controls side). On inspection the bridge earth wire going through from the cavity to the bottom of the stud hole is the reason. Is it normal to have one of the studs higher like this?

The earth wire to the tailpiece stud is about a 1mm diameter solid strand not 'multi-strand' and is earthed to the back of the neck tone pot. This wire has a kind of hard plastic insulation sleeve on it. The back of the neck tone pot has the following written on it with black marker:



Perhaps the wiring has been altered. I can solder in a smaller stranded wire as the bridge earth to fix this anyway.

So, had the 2007 SG Standard 60's wiring? What are the pickups and spec? Any of you know? If so, I would be glad if you could enlighten me!

Thanks, Eugene.

P.S.  I was just checking online there and have seen several SGs with the same with the same earth wire arrangement as mine.  Even the coating on the wire is the same. The same tone pot gets dated and I reckon the person wiring does this put his/her initials on there too.

Weird thing is I see several SGs with the wires coming out in different places (the pickup wires I mean). They seem to have done them different at different stages or something or perhaps the different factories do them differently.

My thinking as to why the tailpiece earth wire is done this way is simply that it must be down to the shallow depth of the SG, though my V is not like that. Other brands I have worked on have the earth wire simply put in with the BRIDGE mounting posts rather than the tailpiece one... but as long as it earths to strings,,, same deal.


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