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Please help me understand the differences...


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Hello everyone, I'm sort of new to the Gibson guitar world, having been a long time player of a "competing brand in Corona, Ca".

Please help me understand the differences I'm seeing in the different monikers on Gibson electric guitars.

I'm seeing stuff labeled "Historic", "Memphis", "Nashville", "R[x]" and I'm assuming these are all coming from the Gibson Custom Shop.

If there a web page that makes sense of all this, and I'm not that good at finding it via the Googles? šŸ˜‰

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Gibson Acoustics are made in Bozeman Montana.Ā  Gibson had a plant in Memphis and it closed in 2019. All eclectics are now made in Nashville. When the Memphis and Nashville plants were running both made different models. One solid one the hollow stuff. Gibson used to be in Kalamazoo but that is long gone and the employees that stayed took over the guitar making equipment and started the HeritageĀ Guitar Company.Ā  They make lots of models of everything. There used to be about over 100 different Les Paul's on the web site, but they trimmed down. There are more experts than me on this site who can go into greater detail.

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