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Using natural Beeswax formulation to polish Gibson electric?

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Hi, I was just wondering do any Gibson electric guitar owners who have glossy lacquer finish on your guitar use natural beeswax furniture polish to clean and polish them?

I have seen a a product for sale online by a store who deal with classical guitar and they swear by it. https://www.savageclassical.com/product/the-original-bees-wax-furniture-polish/

Classical guitars can be gloss , satin or natural finish.

I have a tub of beeswax here. It is a very old recipe containing beeswax, linseed oil and turpentine  but it looks to me that most traditional beeswax formulations contain turps. It is a solvent made from pine. Not sure how much turps is in it percentage wise.

So, what do you reckon? Do any of you use natural beeswax to clean and polish your Les Paul or SG etc?

I wonder would the turps damage the lacquer on the guitar over time?

Any ideas?

I just came across an interesting article regarding using car paint cleaners/polishes/waxes to shine guitar. Have a look at this: https://www.guitarworld.com/blogs/four-steps-keep-your-guitar-looking-amazing

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Wax is a very good natural and protective coat for guitars that have either no finish to begin with, or, through old age, end up having almost no finish anymore. For instance, Gibson uses wax on their sustainable series as a sort of finishing coat. But using it as a protective coat on old guitars with worn-out finishes is another application worth consideration.

I would never use it as a cleaning compound on nitrocellulose finishes, or any other soft lacquers for that matter, and stick to true and tested care products instead, of which there are plenty.

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