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NY, NY......Oh, what to do for a few days?


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Hey fellow Gibbys......Going to NY for 6 days n leave tomorrow.  Hitting a Broadway Musical-Girl from the North Country (revolves around Dylan songs).  Yo Yo Ma on Wednesday......otherwise free to wander.  Will likely revisit the Dakota, just because...I have to.  Tell me about any other music related spots that you might recommend.    Cheers!!  

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NYC is a blast. Been there a few times. Saw a play once, The Nat, History Museum , The MOMO and went to The Birdland Jazz Club, ate Pizza, bagels. I didn't get the full NYC experience cause I didn't get mugged or ride the subway. If I rode the subway I could have killed 2 birds with one stone. But it was fun as sh!t.

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Since I haven't been on 48th in a long long time now, I don't know which of the used-to-be many music stores are still there.  The Sam Ash alone is worth the walk.

And you have to eat, so I'm good at that.  47th had some great Afghan and Ethiopian, but I don't remember the name.  Should still be a few blocks around Broadway of nothing but good eats on that street.

Where you staying?  Go to Marriott Marquis, the bar with the view makes fantastic drinks.  For quiet time with the Mrs, Marriott East Side has a superb old wood type of bar, very classy, quiet, great drinks and food.

If you can, go to The Russian Tea Room, west 57th.  It's hella spensive, but man, tea and champagne there is an experience.

We would also leave the Marquis at 1:30, 2am, walk a few blocks around, always some really great food at that hour.  Seriously.  Never know what you'll run into.

Have fun!


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