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Greetings, all.  My name is Griff, and I'm a bit new here.

I've recently become enamored with the Kramer Nite-V.  Despite searching all over their website and such, I can't find any contact information for Kramer, and I was hoping maybe somebody could point me in the right direction.  I'd love to order a Nite-V with a few little changes of my own, if that were possible (lone bridge pickup, single knob, chrome hardware, classic logo, hardtail bridge, etc.).  Any help is very much appreciated!


Keep it heavy.


~Griff the Pyrate Bastard

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Griff--fwiw, this board has, as far as i can tell, no admin presence.  and emails to "support" can go unanswered.  also, the guitars are built overseas.  (i think that even those new fancy paint job baretta-ish guitars may be painted in the US but with the same parts as other guitars.)   so your best bet might be to take the stock model to a luthier and have it done that way.  again, fwiw. 

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