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Please help as I am smitten with a listing that I fear is too good to be true. I am a relative novice at spotting the real thing and don't want to be fooled. Any help is appreciated. My thoughts:

The body: the placement of the pickup selector and the "varitone" don't match other comparable models i've found. I don't think i've ever seen an es-335 where the input jack is off the face of the body, but again, novice at spotting the real thing. Also wiring is visible in the f-hole; is that typical of Gibson quality?

Headstock: The "flower" inlay looks wrong. the cutouts aren't as prominent.

Serial: The headstock looks legit to me, although the "USA" seems further away from "MADE IN" than I've seen on other models. Serial number checks out.

No certificate with the listing: I've asked for it so maybe the seller has it, but the fact that they didn't include it in the listing makes me think it doesn't exist.

Thanks in advance!

Image from iOS (3).jpg

Image from iOS (2).jpg

Image from iOS (1).jpg

Image from iOS.jpg

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For starters, the model being faked here is an ES-345, not an ES-335.  At least you were able to detect some of the red flags.  Beyond that, I would just urge everybody to study and learn the basics as well as the fine details about Gibson instruments first, before they think about buying one.

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It is not authentic!

The following are wrong or questionable: serial number looks routed, no fret nibs, metric bridge, double parallelogram normally on ES-345 not pearly looking, pickup ring too wide, pickup ring screws wrong type, tuners unbranded, headstock open book not sharply cut correctly,  no headstock wings,  headstock fleur not cut correctly, not a Gibson TKL case, F-holes edges not painted, no label in F-hole, wrong type and shape of pickguard and incorrect support, varitone should be 6 positions and placed closer to neck Vol/Tone pots, ...    guess it's a fake.


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On 3/5/2020 at 4:54 AM, gadams said:

Headstock: The "flower" inlay looks wrong. the cutouts aren't as prominent.

The headstock inlay is generally referred to in the trade (and in reference books by Gruhn, Duchossoir and others) as the "crown" inlay.

I'm not sure what you meant by "cutouts".  Perhaps you were talking about the "cutaways"?

I agree that the seller ought to be reported.

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I'm going no. That is not Gibson font on the stamped serial or made in USA. I hope you didn't pay 2k for that. ES-335's do not have Varitone's and it is in the wrong place. Logo looks wrong ect. Sorry. Probably a fake Bigsby too.

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