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J-160E Number of Frets

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Hi, I'm looking at a J160E but need some advice. The serial number dates it at late 1963 and other features seem to confirm this. However, the neck only has 19 frets as opposed to 20.  From what I have read they changed from 19 to 20 around 1955.

Any ideas why this would be?


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I have read about incidents when Gibsons went back to the factory for repairs/refinishing and were stamped with a new serial number.  I'm sure that this was not "standard procedure" but "standard procedure" and "Gibson" don't fit in the same sentence well, especially back then.

Any photos would help. If it were me looking a this guitar, I would be looking inside for a factory order number on the headblock. If, for example, it truly is a 1954 or 55 with 19 frets and DID get re-serialized during a repair project, there's a good chance the original factory order number might still be visible.

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That sunburst definitely looks early 60s to me. Tuners are incorrect for a mid 50s. Intriguing!

And that label looks like something left over from an L-5 or L-7 in the 40s.

I hope you find a FON starting with an X or a W!

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