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Original Replacement Parts?


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Hey everyone.  I’m cleaning/restoring my old Epiphone Les Paul Custom and I am looking for a few replacement parts.  Like gold screws, new tone switch and possibly some other little things.  Does Epiphone not sell replacement parts?  I’d like it all to be original and it’s becoming aggravating coming up empty.  Thanks.   

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No, I don't think they sell replacement parts.  You can find some pieces/parts on ebay as people disassemble guitars to sell separate pieces.

But very few of them are really "Epiphone" parts, most are generic and not made by Epi.  For example, I ordered a black pickup selector switch off Amazon that is exactly like the Epi part, so exact I'm sure it's the same switch from the same factory.  While Fender, Gibson and G&L are famous for making their own pickups I believe the Epis are made in some generic Chinese factory.

I replaced many of the pieces on my LP (to black it out) by ordering them from Amazon and the bridge/tailpiece (an exact replacement) from Guitar Fetish.  Every generic piece is as good quality as the Epi original.  I show before/after pics in this thread:  


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Another quick point:  the pots in these Epis are not the best quality.  My new guitar shipped with a faulty push-pull tone pot and the shaft came completely out when I pulled it.  I called Epi customer service and they sent me a new pot (and GC will change it when I schedule the repair).  The pots are the small cheap ones that come in less-expensive import guitars.

Eventually I'll replace mine with better quality pieces.

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