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My sister sent me this link. Our toilet paper supplies in Australia have been wiped out, so to speak. Govt says a syndicate has bought it all and sold it overseas... either way, the shops are bare, so to speak.

This is hysterical like me.



or worse:



or worse:








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That is just crazy, but according to this article you only have your own local ordinances to blame. 🙂


"The problem isn’t that Australia is running out of products, authorities say. It’s that supermarkets can’t keep up with the unprecedented demand. Ordinarily, the hours that a supermarket can receive stock are limited to reduce noise pollution in residential areas, where many shops tend to be located. It’s a curfew that virtually every council around the country imposes."

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Well, maybe, maybe not.....we shall see. Grasshopper.

It started when China closed its borders.

Hong Kong gets all its toilet paper and rice supplies from mainland China, so they totally ran out of both in a short time.

The word was out here and next thing people are taking 2 or 3 shopping carts of toilet paper and rice. That was 2 weeks ago and there is still none because the word was out to the great unwashed, who panicked.

The deliveries never came as promised. My guess - anyone with contacts and friends in the rice and toilet paper industry........






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