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How did the Blues become such an influence in British Rock


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Very good doc.... I didn't know much when I joined my first Blues Band, the other players were much older and gave me quite an education. The Brits were going through a very difficult time rebuilding after the War and developed their own sound from learning and respecting traditional Blues. I came out more of a metal player but was heavily influenced by American and British Blues players.

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Soon after Keith Richards became friends with Mick, the two of them were going to a big blues festival in northern England featuring a number of U.S. blues artists that very rarely come to England.  They got a ride in a van with a number of other blues fans also going.  In that van, they met a young James Page  who also played guitar.   That was likely around the same time that  Jimmy Page at 14 made his BBC TV appearance  playing skiffle (the video of it was included in the "It Might Get Loud" documentary - see pic).


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