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Ltd Ed Tony Iommi Signature SG Custom Production Run Questions


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Hi all,

  I'm the proud owner of a new Epiphone Ltd Ed Tony Iommi Signature SG Custom (bought from Sam Ash Music - arrived yesterday).  I just looked up the Epiphone serial number ID thread and it appears mine was completed in Aug 2019 and is guitar #652 of the limited run of 2000.  If the serial number translation is accurate, that seems odd to me considering the first run was in 2015.  First, does it sound correct that 4 years after it's introduction I got such an early number of the run (652 of 2000)?  Does that mean we're here in 2020 and they've only sold about 650 of these?   I also notice Sweetwater is taking orders and says they're expecting more to arrive in a few weeks.  That plus the fact that my serial number shows it was built in August of 2019 leads me to my second question.  Since it's a limited run of 2000, wouldn't they have knocked all 2000 off at the same time rather than having to reconfigure the factory to build them in short bursts?  I guess it would make sense that they'd build them to match demand but I just thought they'd have completed the entire production run at one time.

Anyone have any info on this?



ps:  In case anyone's curious, I'm excited to report Tony's signature on the certificate is absolutely a hand written original.  I'm sure because when I turn the certificate over and look at the back, the ink where he begins the T in Tony has bled through to the back.  Also the signature of Epiphone President, Jim Rosenburg is also handwritten as it created a dent in the back of the certificate 😉

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Limited runs rarely are as truly limited as they say,for instance the union Jack Sheraton was limited to 1000 but for sale worl wide for a couple of years.

The last number in the serial number is the production run number, not the number out of a series. If they are truly limited to a number, it will be on the COA or serial number sticker for semi hollows like the 1962 Sheratons that were limited to 1962 and gave a numer out like 0001/1962

Looking on epiphonewiki, it should come with hand signed COA etc, sono questions there. 



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