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That's quite a gutsy move choosing to cover a Greg Brown tune given his incredibly unique vocal delivery but you did a really nice job of pulling it off. I also have to add that you are rock steady like a human metronome, nice!

The iPad recording sounded great. I think that your audiences will be very pleased with your choice of gigging guitar. But what's this I see — a batwing pickguard? What started simply as the innocent thought of a simple tuner swap has now turned into a full-blown obsession perhaps? 

Thanks for sharing!

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As always very nicely done Sal...It did not take long to change out the PG on it...I am gonna change mine on the same model to a ADV Jumbo tiger stripe from Terrepin, I have it on order waiting to arrive.   Do you relace your own PG or have someone else?  Is that a D-15 mohogony hanging on the wall?

Thanks again Sal

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thanks Sal, lemonade being made.  Enjoying being home w/ my family... the whole family, no one running off somewhere - making sure our at risk friends and relatives have the support they need, seeing people out walking I've never seen outside before and I hear from all the non commuting etc...  the air quality is drastically improving across the world.  It bite's, it's scary - but trying to make lemonade.

That and I'm enjoying a little extra time on the guits 🙂

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