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Hi everyone. I’m new here, a transfer poster from the Fender Forums that just closed. I have two Gibsons, a blue 2018 Les Paul Classic and a 2007 GOTW #10 SG, the 3 blade single coil SG standard. I actually was planning on logging onto the Fender forums with the intent of showing them a new Stratocaster I rescued, but oh well. You’ll have to let me know if it’s cool to post Fender related stuff here, I still want to brag on this strat. They didn’t care too much if I posted Gibson stuff, but you’ll have to let me know what is acceptable. Anyway, I’m a 27 year old man, living in Albuquerque these days, I was in England for two years before this. I’m originally from Kenai, Alaska. I play through a Music Man HD130, a Marshall Class V stack, and a Marshall JVM 215C. I’ve got a couple Gibsons as stated above, a couple Fenders, and an Ibanez. I’m a huge pedal nerd, and my favorite pedals that I’ve acquired are the Sola Sound BUM Fuzz, the Frederick Verzerer, and the Boss DD-20, to name a few.


Also a photo of my dairy haul from my Wisconsin trip might show up on the post, I really don’t know how it got there. 😂 I must have clicked it when searching for a photo of my SG, and now I don’t know how to delete it. Oh well. 



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Hi Chase

Nice SG - welcome - Fenders are fine, we love 'em but nothing more important than Gibsons.

I am in UK and like my pedals too. 

What's the stuff in the 2nd photo?  You don't need cookies mate!

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Great to hear from you two, thanks for the welcome. And that second photo was cheese curds, string cheese, and flavored milk. I couldn’t figure out how to deletenit once I accidentally attached it. And I might as well explain my Stratocaster build now, as it’s not like there’s a thread or section dedicated to strats.

So Tuesday before work I went to Guitar Center, and met a girl that was trying to sell her friend’s dad’s old guitars. He had passed away, and apparently left them no life insurance, and they needed to pay for his cremation and funeral, not to mention any debts he had. The staff members were actively going through the dozen guitars she brought in, rejecting at least half of them because a bunch of them were partscasters or had their serial numbers scratched off. The staff piled guitars onto the floor in front of the Gibson/Epiphone wall after their individual inspection. The woman allowed me to go through the pile, where I viewed about 2 Stratocasters before stumbling upon a gloss black one, with some of the original stickers still on the pickguard, halfway peeled. Guitar Center offered her $500 for this American strat; it had a loose, taped-over paint chip in the upper heel by the neck joint, but otherwise I felt a lot of potential in it. I’ve wanted a MIA strat for a long time, and after researching the serial number, I offered her $540 for it. I ran to my bank across the parking lot, pulled out the money, and took it home, all while GC staff pretended not to see; they frankly didn’t care. 

As I drove to work with my new strat in the car, I decided I could try my hand at refinishing it; I didn’t like the chipped paint, so while in the parking lot, I looked up videos on how to strip the paint. I stripped the paint that night at work (as we had no orders/jobs to complete that day, and toward the end of the day I took a torch to it. I made a striped/sunburst effect. The next day, I brought a satin lacquer spray paint bottle, and painted it after all of our jobs were done. It looks great, and I’ve been itching to show people. Let me know what you think!


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