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I know you guys would love this! First off, a little backstory on me first and how I started playing before I share this. I was born premature and have major back issues because of it and was a Shriner's patient until I was 18. There were certain things doctors didn't want me to do growing up because of it. So, the year 2000 rolls along and I'm 8 years old. I see KISS on Direct TV Pay Per View airing the KISS: THE LAST KISS concert during their "farewell" tour then. Thank God, I walked in the living room to see my parents watching it!  Immediately became a KISS fanatic and beg my parents for a guitar. Of course, being a diehard KISS fanatic, I'm obviously love Ace's '80's solo band Frehley's Comet, who obviously, had a huge impact on me, too. Fast forward to present day being in my 20's. I'm friends with Tod Howarth on Facebook, who was the other guitarist and singer in Frehley's Comet.  Made some comments on his stuff saying how much of an influence and impact he had on my playing and he was super appreciative. Eventually PM'd him telling him the story on my back and health issues saying how big of an impact he has had on my playing and gave him my story on my back and health issues and asked for an autograph and gave him my address too send.  Got a response from him saying, he was touched by my story and "Of course I'll send you something!" and at the beginning of the year, I get this autograph of him with the rest of his new band Four By Fate and a hand written note from him with his personal guitar picks! The band also includes bassist John Regan, who also played for Frehley's Comet and also was Peter Frampton's bassist for years and did work for countless others. Drummer is Skid Row's former drummer Rob Affuso, and the other guitarist is Pat Gasperini.  I'm forever grateful for this! Not everyday stuff like this happens - especially from childhood heroes! Talk about a major class act and a great group of guys! For check out Four By Fate! Thought I'd share!

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Saw Kiss 4 Times (my parents would not let me go to the Cow Palace when they toured Love Gun). I remember seeing the commercial for it on TV while eating dinner. The first time was the originals when they got back together after the Unplugged thing and toured Psycho Circus, then 3 times after with the two stand ins.   Can't really stomach much of their stuff after Destroyer. When Dynasty came out, I thought to myself you have got to be kidding me. From about 3rd to 6th grade I lived for Kiss. Then I Was Made For Lovin' You and I forgot about Kiss for at least almost 2 decades.

Cool story

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