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Did Gibson lower prices?

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First time back in awhile and i was looking at some Gibsons on Sweetwater and they seemed to be cheaper than the last couple years, especially the acoustics!  I swear the j200s were well over 5k and now i look on Sweetwater and they're 4500 and i dont see any special kind of sale, so they lower the 2020 models? 

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I don't know, I think he's right

The standards are now in the Mid 4k range,  there are still a few models north of 5k.  but I think I saw the same thing a few months ago, where Standards were like $5,199

if you go to Sweetwater and start browsing...  clearly something changed


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5 minutes ago, Twang Gang said:

Yes prices have come down a little.  I bought a 2018 SJ200 and the list price at GC was $4750.  I didn't pay that much but that was the advertised price when that one was built.  As you say they are now shown at $4500 so that's a good thing 🙂

I know   heck at these prices I will buy 2 more...  🙂

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