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335 back discoloration


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Red finishes are known to fade over time, proportional to exposure to sun/light.  So I'd say it's likely that the lighter area has faded, while the central area that was under the pad for all those years has remained closer to the original finish color.  However, the unevenness of the discoloration within the darker area makes me wonder if there isn't also something else going on there.  I guess it might have been helpful if you were told more about the pad and how it was applied (and possibly how it was removed).

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I would say it was the pad that reacted with the finish and caused that mark.  Funny, he probably was trying to avoid scratching the back (buckle rash) and instead ended up with this.  If it plays and sounds good it really isn't much of a problem as neither you or your audience will see it.  And you can probably get the price down because of it.  You of course will face the same issue if you go to trade or sell it.

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