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Hey Axe(r)...


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Footwarmer. friend' date=' I don't have or want a full time girlfriend.


I've had 3 marriages and I'm done with commitment.


I'm committed to a good time.. [/quote']


=D>=P~ =P~ Woohoo! You go Axe®!


Let's just say I'm not a huge supporter of marriage... It seems like a meaningless document in most cases. And there's a 50% + chance of it ending in heartbreak, stress, monetary loss and heartburn among other things.


And when I heard that the Bush administration spent over 1 mil on a program/website promoting marriage... well let's just say I was a bit peeved. I think the government should let us live our lives the way we see fit as long as it doesn't negatively harm anyone else.



Ok, forgive me for the negative political rant... I'm done.

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