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What Difference Does It Make??

Joe M

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I'm not trying to be a SA  here, but, after reading gearbashers post about his 20+ year old guitar, that had been in storage for a while, developing a crack near the headstock, made me think of this question.....what difference does it make between having a guitar in storage for 10 years and one that you play every day for the last 10 years as to whether or not it'll develop any problems, especially with the neck?? Is it dumb luck? Will a daily-played guitar develop those problems also? Seems like several responses in the thread have said that storing a guitar for that long is what caused the problem. Am I missing something here?

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I have to weigh in on this. Though in storage (my closet), I did keep it humidified at all times. I am not a monster.

At one time I had seven acoustic in my closet. I would regularly check the humidity situation. I had a digital hydrometer in each case. I am down to 4 guitars now and this is the only one that suffered any damage.

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Doubtedly a combination of factors, luck being one of them.

Long story short: I bought a used 1974 Martin D-28 in 1979, and played it for a couple of years until life got in the way. Thereafter was only taking it out of the case to play for maybe a half hour once or twice a year. It was never humidified , but the strings were always completely tuned off. Our bedroom has always been extremely  dry in winter and we never bothered to humidify it.

In 2017, I  decided to re-learn to play, and discovered the pick guard curling at the edges. Luthiers at The Twelfth Fret here in Toronto, replaced the guard, put on new strings and did a set up. I was told that despite the rather careless way I stored it for almost 40 years, the guitar had no cracks, or loose braces, and did not require a neck re-set. I was also told to buy lottery tickets based on my very good fortune. Sometimes the Guitar Gods cut us a break.


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with out blunt impact happening at any point in time that you are aware of, this sure is mysterious.  Some of my guitars date back to the late 70s...  I've got gibsons 25+ years old that I stil lplay all the time played hundreds of gigs with them... thankfully I've never had an incident..

Now I may lead a sheltered life but, I've never heard of a neck breaking b/c of string tension.   like I said, I don't get out much...

This really does suck either way.   if this was my guitar, I've no way to explain or understand how..... 

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