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NGD Gibson 1960s Hummingbird


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Got this BEAUTIFUL new 1960 Hummingbird with fixed saddle. There was very little info on this model online, and I didn’t get to try it at a store before buying it, so I was a bit nervous. 

But not only does it look beautiful, but it sounds great too.

A note about the case though, I kept hearing it was “period correct”. It’s very nice, very plain and simple. Was surprised at the purple lined interior, and lack of any branding. The headstock area is VERY snug to the point that I have to be very careful when putting it back in the case. Little to no room on the sides. It’s a very small, light, compact case. Which is nice, aside from the super snug fit for the headstock that worries me. 

Very happy with my purchase! 




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Shoulda grabbed this one at Sam Ash a while back for a grand. They probably would have come down a tad, as well. 

Not sure of the year - Maybe someone can chime in on that..

Went home to sleep on it - then went back the next day to get it. Gone!



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22 hours ago, QuakerOatmeal said:

That price is insane! But I'm not sure how I feel about those inlays. For the price though... how could you say no?!


Yeah, to be honest, those inlays threw me off at first - I prefer the double trapezoid - that's why I wanted to "sleep on it".. 

But then I decided for the price, I might as well go back and get it - But as I mentioned, the next day it was long gone...

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