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10 hours ago, slimt said:

Look at that upper center of the back.   The imagination goes all over .  

Thanks for getting the images. I was going to ask how you did it, but the thought just occurred to me that it could be screen shots and I was overthinking things.

Anyhow, I see two faces. The top one is an angry tribal-clown, complete with big hair on the sides and top. The second one is directly underneath it, which looks like a sharp-chinned devil face. A third one appeared, too. A shrunken head on top of the clown in place of it's top tuft of hair. It helps to have astigmatism.

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While I can surely appreciate the look, I will be the odd man out as that quilt is a bit over the top for me.    Me playing a guitar like that would be like putting silk undies on a goat.  I guess I am just a Plain Jane guitar guy. But wo cares.  There are only two kinds of guitars out there- those you like and those you do not and it would get awful boring if we all liked the same thing.

We do have four maple body guitars in the house.  The maple body on my wife's 1960 J200 is very understated having a small taste of both quilt and flame.  My NYC-made Epi flattop has a very dark stained maple  body so you do not see much.  The two guitars built in the 1930s though have beautifully flamed maple bodies with burst red spruce tops.  No parlors though.  One is an  an 0 size and the other a deep body  00. 

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