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Gibson Br-9 Amp Question


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A friend gave me this amp years ago and I'm trying to get it working again.  It didn't have a electrical plug so I installed a new three prong.  When I first turned it on it had power but no output so I replaced all four tubes with new ones but it is very very noisy even without anything plugged in.  From reading up on these amps it's supposed to be very quiet so I'm wondering if anyone knows what my next step would be.  There's not much to this amp as far as I can see so I'm guessing replacing the transformer would be next.

I am not any kind of a pro at this kind of thing so I may eventually take it into a local repair shop and have them look at it.  These things seem to be pretty rare so I might consider selling it but it is so cool looking I'd prefer to get it working and keep it in my studio for esthetics. 



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