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It's 3:30 on 3/30 Do you know where your ES-330 is?


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On 3/30/2020 at 6:19 PM, gampadoug said:

It's a 2015 ES-330L




Yup, IMO the correct number of frets to the heel for a DC hollow or semi :-) 

The standard neck 330  feels more like a LP , but I prefer the 335 neck which makes the "L" feel right at home in my hands. My HB equipped 330 feels cramped. 


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Yeah. We can get away with the neck being connected were it is on the LP's as they have a larger cutout for our pudgy little finners!

I had the walnut "standard" 330 and it cramped my style as well.

I notice the ears my mine are tapered when compared to the 335 or even your "L" 330.

    - Gampa

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