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Hi all,

I’ve returned to playing the guitar after many years and bought myself a 2017 Les Paul standard gold top and an Epiphone es-339. I also have three “other” guitars (not sure if I’m allowed to use the “F” word on this forum 😉). I have to be honest and say that, in my humble opinion, the Epiphone is the nicest instrument to play. Much lighter and softer feel. 

I’ve gone back to the basics, practicing scales and doing finger strengthening exercises and look forward to reading some of your articles and comments.
The coronavirus may be keeping me indoors, but my new found love of music is keeping me occupied.....

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Hey! Welcome to the forum! I agree when you say that the Epiphone is the nicest instrument to play, I recently got a Epiphone Les Paul Special II, and it plays soooo well!! My dad picked it up and was blown away... 

I too with the extra time took a free guitar basics course to brush up on my playing, before the quarantine, i didn't really have much time..

So stay safe and good luck! 😁👍

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